Game Music Radio: Changes and Updates

I'm here to fill you in on some recent changes to our radio system. The major change is most noticed when you switch skins on the radio system. Before, the radio page would reload and the music would get interrupted and restart. Now the skins change without requiring the page to reload or the music to stop. Your preferences are still saved as you change skins, so it should work like before just better.

I also spent some time standardizing the code behind the skins system so they are cleaner and should work properly in all major browsers. The new changes require JavaScript to be enabled on your browser, but most people will have this enabled by default. Please report any glitches or problems while changing skins if you find them.

Next goal is to keep expanding the music library with new tunes. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for new songs to add. Drop by the chatroom or forums to provide your feedback, or even comment on this news post. I hope everyone is enjoying the music!

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