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Here at RPGN, we run an IRC server with an active chatroom for site regulars and staff. We welcome you to come join in our conversations and to invite your friends too! Our channnel is pretty easy going, but has a few simple rules that are outlined on this page. We offer two web based options for connecting, as well as connection information if you want to use an external chat client such as mIRC.

The Chatroom Rules:

If you have a question to ask, just ask it. If nobody responds, there's a good chance that most of us are away, and we will get back to you as soon as we get a chance. If you have to leave, try leaving us a way to contact you, so we can reach you and help when we return.

Be polite in your questions and general chat. Coming into the channel just to tell a user what to do, complain about something, spam advertisements, or post vulgar comments will simply get you banned. Bans are not questioned, if banned, you will stay banned.

If you have a conflict with someone in the channel and need help, contact one of our administrator level Operators (Locke-Cole, Mr-Grape, Kilu). Don't bother them for file transfers or things like that, just ask for help about the chatroom.

I've read the rules, join chat!

I want to use my own external chat client (such as mIRC)

Join #RPGN using Mibbit in a popup window. (No Flash or Java required)