Online Gaming: New World of Awesome or New World of Douchebaggery?

Online gaming has grown a lot since... well... since the concept even started. It has grown from just plain game sites to first-person shooters. In the beginning, it was friendly to the point where we say hello to each other. Now it grows to the point from saying hello, where you get a "F*** off."

It's hard finding gaming communities, clans, or guilds that are decent with respect and maturity. We play online games to pretend what we want to be while having fun. So what makes a game good? Not just the gameplay... but the community too.

So what happens when a community is terrible? There are less active players, because who wants to come online and be insulted everytime? No one does. Whether it is in text chat or voice chat, you're either gonna get harassed or talked nicely to. It is almost like a 50/50 chance with new people.
Sure, you may see huge popular clans or games with many, many people, but does it mean they're friendly? Chances are you'll get that from a game review, and most of the time, the game review doesn't cover "community."

Maybe it's popular because it is full of douche-bags that are in a club to harass new players and bully them? Or maybe it's popular just because of the gameplay and the community doesn't matter?

I'd say... forget what you know about what is popular and what is not, and go by people by their word of mouth. Even if the community is small, it can still be awesome.

This post is for all of you guys or girls that were harassed for their age, gender, or nationality. Here at RPGN we don't accept that kind of behavior. For the comments, why don't you post here which clans or games or communities you enjoy that are awesome and respectful? As I said: Word of mouth can go a long way for gaming communities. smile

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