What delves us into the depths of videogaming?

What makes us attach to video games?

What makes us who we are from video games?

All that aside, video games do play a role in society. As a child or a person not into technical stuff, when you get in video gaming, it is like a whole new world opened. Either playing as some plumber who likes to eat mushrooms, or an elf clad in green bringing peace to the kingdom, or unraveling mysteries of crystals, or becoming a boy in a baseball cap that wields a bat to save the world.

The options? Endless. The type of games? Endless. The Endings? Well...endless...

Whether the person is in old school video games, or today's video games, that person is a videogamer. What attaches us to these things is alot of possibilities. From the story, to the action, to the suspense, to the beautiful graphics, to the similarities of our world, to just leveling up and have the best game file in existence for that game.

But...what makes us who we are from video games?

Depending on the type of makes alot of us. Whenever playing socially in an online game, it's friends and clans that keep
the game and the people together. Whether it is a fan club for an unpopular game, it is the community and the creativity that sticks together. It can be just an RPG gamer, who plays to find unique stories and possibilities, and learning lessons about it. Could be just an arcade gamer, who goes into restuarants or kiddie places just to rank up the high score and stay with the nostalgia of gaming.

Videogaming has evolved from something with "nerds" to something everyone has done once in their life. Whether just getting into the craze of something, or a hobby you continue doing since you were a child, videogaming is...well...could be as possibly big as Earth itself.

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