Kingdom Hearts will never reach to 'III'

Sorry for things being slow around here (of course they have been slow, who couldn't guess it?). There are some games I'd like to post about.

As you can tell by the title, yes you guessed it, another 'Kingdom Hearts' game...well more of a 'port'. It's 'Kingdom Hearts: Coded' being port to the Nintendo DS as 'Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded' ('Re' coded...get it? Haha...) No news or announce date yet.

Speaking of 'Kingdom Hearts', there is a Disney game coming to the Wii. No Sora, no Cloud (Ya freakin Cloud fanboys and fangirls). Just a plain, Disney game starring Mickey. It's titled as 'Disney Epic Mickey.' Wow...will it really be epic? Who knows...I'm pretty interested after playing 'Kingdom Hearts.' The battle system, judging from the screenshots, seems to be 'Legend of Zelda' style. Oh, and there is slime. Do you like slime? Ah...well if you're wondering what I said makes it sound good, check the screenshots at the bottom of this news post. Release date is... oh my. September 16, 2010. A couple of days from this news post.

After six years of the two part game of 'Golden Sun', the sun shines again. There is a new 'Golden Sun' game coming out to the Nintendo DS in 3D titled as 'Golden Sun: Dark Dawn'. As stated, it's a whole new adventure. The two main characters look like descendants of Garet and Isaac. The release of this game will be November 29, 2010. (That's right. This year.)

Congratulations. You have been patient through this news post for the screenshots. And you get nothing.

Naw, I'm kidding. Here ya go.

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