Gears of War 3 coming in April 5, 2011, features ladies

Gears of War is this little known third-person character action game series with chest-high walls. Perhaps you have heard of it. Well, it's now official, the third Gears game has been announced, officially. I say officially, because of course we all knew that one would be coming eventually. Another reason is that the information of the announcement leaked to Xbox Live the other day through some kind of automatic update thing. The story goes that Cliff Bleszinski was due to appear in the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, to announce the game and show the trailer, but got bumped by another guest. Meanwhile, someone over at the Xbox offices forgot to turn the automatic update thing for Gears 3 off, and people were quick to catch it and take pictures of the dashboard.

Well anyways, the actual announcement came a few days later, as CliffyB was booked again in Jimmy Fallon, and this time didn't get bumped by anyone, and showed the trailer. Officially. The date has been set to April 5, 2011, but who knows if they can keep it. I don't really know Epic's track record in that regard.

I haven't played the second Gears yet, so I don't know what we can gather from this trailer, but what seemed like the obvious thing is the revolutionary addition of female COG soldiers. Yeah, ladies in COG armor, woo! Well, I did just buy used copies of Gears 1 and 2 on the Xbox 360, so I guess I have about a year to get up to date with the fiction.

Here's another link to the trailer, if you missed it when I linked it up there.

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