TrackMania Wii debut trailer is out

Hey, ever played this fun game called TrackMania on the PC? Well I have! Quite a while back I played the free (yes, free) TrackMania Nations, with crazy custom loops, jumps and weird weird tracks. Well, as you may know (because we posted about it), TrackMania is coming to Wii, and now they have released a debut trailer for it.

Looks like everything that made TrackMania what it was on the PC is also in the Wii version. Yes, that means track editor as well. I wonder what kind of plans they have for custom tracks though. On the PC you could just run dedicated servers with your own custom tracks and let people join in, but with the way Wii handles the whole internet gaming (friendcodes, gah), it's interesting to see what kind of set up Nadeo is cooking up for this.

The game is going to support Wiimote + Nunchuck combo, Wii Wheel and a "gamepad". Presumably this means only Classic Controller, and not GameCube controller, but the jury is still out on that one. I'd personally instantly opt for the classic pad option, steering a car with a floating wheel just isn't my thing, Wiimote + Nunchuck sounds even less appealing.

Click the image below to watch the debut trailer.

Posted in Gaming by Kilu Member on February 18th 2010 at 7:45am 1 Comment
#1 posted by Locke Member on February 18th 2010 at 6:44pm

Hopefully this game turns out to be fun, the Wii lacks in good racing games (yeah I know Mario Kart is there, but it gets old!) and we could use a fresh twist. I have to agree though, classic controller is probably my preferred method. The whole holding the Wiimote sideways and pretending to drive bit is fun at first, but not very accurate.

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