Language: English

I know that you're out there and I'm waiting for you
Cornet is my name and I'm a puppeteer too
With my puppet friends, there's nothing that we can't do
They are there to help me make my dreams come true
And once you get to know them, they just might help you too
And all the puppets in the world will help me find my way to you
I know you're out there and I'm waiting for you

There she goes again, she's so in love


As if lightning struck her from above

But it did!

I love you my prince
You are my true love
Cornet, won't you stop your silly dreaming please?

That's not true!
Can't you see?
I'm just trying to make my dream come true

Dressed like that?

I've done everything a girl's supposed to
I take a bubble bath, even wash behind my ears, Oh!
All the bubbles tickle my nose, but they get me squeaky clean
And when I'm done, I'm looking beautiful

Cornet, you are a silly girl
You must look further than just by appearances to see
Cornet, are you following this?
What's important is what's inside of you

What's inside of me?

Don't you understand what I am saying to you?
Look inside yourself and you will find out what is true
You must be courageous and true to your heart
It will make you happy when you know just where to start

I see it's what's inside of me

Yes, what's inside of you!

Someday I'll find my love
He'll be the one for me
I will be waiting patiently
Until he comes

I told you don't wait, you take the initiative!

Now I remember before myself (Yeah, that's it!)
I know I'll find him and he will be the man of my dreams

We'll share our lives as on
Until the end of time
Someday our hearts will beat as one