Evil Queen

Language: English

I am mightier than the god
The devil is my slave
More beautiful than the goddess
I put her face to shame

Oh look at me, oh what do you see?
There's no one greater than me
I'm the queen, the best you've seen
So worship me

Your highness
Marjoly, we worship you as number one

OH YES! I am evil personified
So get down on your knees
And if you're graced by my beauty
You'll thank your lucky stars
Aren't I great, I'm amazing myself all the time

There is one thing that I still have to get
I won't rest till he's mine, Prince Ferdinando

Don't you know you're old enough to be his mother?

My heart is burning, overheating with a raging fire
The prince I do admire, he fills me with desire
Dear Ferdinando, I am here to save you from this curse
Let his love quench my thirst

My precious, wait a little longer, I will end your strife
I'll bring you back to life, I'll be your wicked wife
Dear Ferdinando, I am here to save you from this curse
Let your love quench my thirst


If you dare get in my way


You won't live another day

Queeny, just show your beauty
You're the baddest queen under the sun
Keep on shining, we'll keep on whining
She's our queen, she's the baddest to be seen
Marjoly, you're the evil beauty
We bow down to you eternally