All I Need is You

Language: English

When the day is done,
When the race is won,
My life has only just begun.

When you're next to me,
So much more I can see,
There's nowhere that I'd rather be.

When I'm away from you,
And there's nothing I can do,
Do you think the same things too?

When the time has come,
I don't want you to run.
You know that you're the only one.

*All I need is you.. ( For always and forever. )
All you need is me.. ( Remember when I say.. )
All we need is love.. ( For us to be together. )
'Cause you're my number one.
( Repeat. )

At the end of each day,
Or whenever you're away,
There's always things I wanna say.

But where ever you go,
You will always know,
That I have so much more to show.

It was such a surprize,
When I looked into your eyes.
It's only then I realized...

You're the one for me,
No one else I wanna see.
There's no place I would rather be.

* Repeat.

Oh...oh 'eah.. Oh yeah.

* Repeat until fade.