Voyage of Adventure

Language: English

Over fields, over wilderness
Rubbing our sleepy eyes
Forget about the time
We focus on a town we can't yet see

Don't cry--let's try
Don't give up

That's right: it's Behoimi (Behoimi)
It's Behoimi (Behoimi)
If we use Behomazun here...
Watch out! He's gonna die, he's dead!

Sleep-deprived, we face today
And continue our long journey
The distant universe
Spreading out in a 2-D world

Don't cry--let's try
Let's go and not fret

That's right: life (life)
Bursts open (bursts open)
Brightly in the Brown tube
Good job! Well done!

When I die somewhere
Go wait for me at my grave
You taught me love and courage
My best friend

Don't cry--let's try
I won't forget you

That's right: thanks (thanks)
Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest)
And we'll let the laughers laugh
I like it, I like it