Wedding Waltz

Language: English

* Lightly, as we please
Today is engraved in my heart
Joyfully, as if the whole world's
Wedding bells had rung out
Your heart and my heart
Are beating quickly

Lightly spreading its wings
Desire takes off into the sky
While singing love songs from all over the world
We can go anywhere
Until your dreams and mine
Are united

Dance dance dance dance dance dance
Drunk on the sound of ease
Dance dance dance dance dance dance
Before we knew it
The far-off dream country
Was found here
We two dance, absorbed

A throbbing heart for you
A smile of love for me
That day's chance meeting
Was just the beginning
Of a long story

Refreshingly multicolored
Happiness arrives from the future
Our faces are shined upon
By a brilliance as though
All the jewelry boxes in the world
Had been opened