Sobakasu Freckles (KCP Re-Edit)

Language: English

What am I, what I am, what what what (uh!)

What am I gonna do, if I can't get through
Counting all these freckles in my life
It's just a waste of my time
And there's no finishing line

How am I gonna do, if I can not get you
To listen to the dreams we could fulfill
Can't get them out of my bed
I want to knock them down the stairs

I check the stars, but there's no sign
Venus to Mars there is no line, baby
I could be happy
If you still loved me

Still your memory's clear
Always here deep inside my heart
(Deep inside my heart)
I want you back to come and feed my appetite
Another lonely night
It's our life, why aren't you around
(Why aren't you around)

I'm all alone, thinking
Here my eyes fill with fear
It's my life, why are you not here