On the Jazz

Language: English


When I step onto the dance floor
I gotta pause and thank the Lord
Thank him for the gifts he gave me
In addition to the rhythm and jammin' beat
Anytime that I hear the jazz play
I gotta tell them half-steppers "Get out of my way"
Shootin' to kill and I'm playin' for keeps
I can buy you and sell you, you can keep the receipt
'Cause can't nobody move the crowd the way I do
If it weren't in the rhythm I'd try to
Heard the boom boom baby girl whenever you feel
Johnny Dynamite let 'em know I'm up in here
The jazzy only one, and the music's pumpin'
DJ's got the whole crowd jumpin'
Door to door we go for yours
All we want is more, more jazz

(Can y'all handle more jazz?
Yeah all we want is more jazz
Feel me
Bring it down for me now, yo)

Aight now, swing it
Like they used to do
Put the house beat to it and before I'm through
You might learn a thing or two you can show your peeps
And you can catch me on Soul Train leavin' next week
Don't you know I'm all that and a bucket of wings?
I'm on the jazz, when I feel the need to shake my groove thing
When you see me comin' sit back, relax
Tell you boy, look out step back
And feel that jazz

(hot, sexual)

(here I come again, here I come again
Dynamite's blowin' up the soul
take my soul)