God of Romance

Language: English

What good's sitting at home
All alone on the shelf?
If you want to find romance, you've got to find it yourself
The someone I'm waiting for
Is somewhere waiting for me
So somewhere is the place I've really got to be

Lots of fish in the sea
But you need the right bait
To hook a tall, and tan, and, young and handsome
Saturday mate
I'll go pick out a dress
Something sexy, but smart
Gotta catch his eye to capture his heart

Gotta make it easier to notice me there
You may not get a second try
Mr. Right may be passing you by
Don't you sit there, get him
While the getting is good

Boy meets girl
It happens all the time
Suddenly it hits you, with no reason or rhyme
Fall in love
Do you believe in miracles?
Listen to the god of romance!