Tail Song

Language: English

Spring has come
My watch does headstands
My desk is laughing
My hat flies into the sky
My shoes, I've given away
I jump to my feet in confusion

I have no name
I forgot what the words mean
I see my tail vanishing in the mirror
Whatever happened to the "me" that was supposed to be here till tomorrow?

But anyway, I've got to go
And are blessed by the love we find in the sun's light

The tow is full of question marks
The truth has been hidden away
The question marks are making such a ruckus
But I know the truth will be amazing

Everybody in the town is watching the sky
Once they know the way they start doing pushups
Spoken words are like rainbowy soap bubbles
That pop before you know it

Tomorrow is just sweet cotton candy
Yesterday, a forgotten lullaby
The truth and the lies are like a mixed-up supreme pizza
So tasty, so yucky

But anyway, I've got to hurry
So I can catch the bus of time