Plastic Castle in the Air

Language: English

Free my soul to reach the sky
The world outside in my mind's eye

Lilacs cover hill in full bloom
A voice pierces the, "Away with gloom!"

*You, oh, my soul
Take me above
Oh, sweet memory stays in my mind
You, oh, my pain
Now on the wane
Oh, sweet memory that we two find

I will live my life in this place
And I will pray to feel joy and grace

Now the wind strikes a haunting note
Resounding on the air it floats

Fragrant violets there do lie
Holding a dance when no one is by


I will seek a dream in this place
Though I will stand alone out of time and space

Plastic castle in the air
Once it was bright, once it was so fair

Remembering those days the willows sigh
In praise of scarred braves whose time did fly


The legend endure with me
And with you I will write a new history