End of the Century

Language: English

End of the century
Misery, can it be chaos who's the boss
Suffer a great loss
Man woman child
No longer exist
Only the good ones will be missed
Life love cherish it all
Who will be left to conquer
The end is coming
Don't start running
There's nowhere to run
Don't grab a gun
All over the land her this roar
No one know what's in store
Look for the star, he's on his way
No one knows what's in store
Love your self and all around
In a blink of an eyes
You won't hear a sound
Your heart is pounding at raided speed
Man will always feel the need for greed

Let's go for it
Now you can't miss
Beware because the end is here

The sky is falling
Eyes are balling
You had your chance
To make your stance
Love is a must life don't lust
Not time to fuss
People start to cuss
cry out who's going to care
Have no doubt have no fear
Believe in me I'll show you the way

Some people think the year 2G is so scaring, let wait and see
The world will shot down most won't admit
People go crazy people catch fits
Fire breaks out
One way to stop
Play hip hop non stop stop
Remember these words
And what I said
You just might wake up brain dead

The feeling (feeling)
Is amazing (amazing)
Oh boy, I want you (come on and get me)

Some just say the world is changing
Many people will agree
Many changes we are seeing
I just say...
It's the end...
It's the end...
It's the end of the century