Winds, Let Him Know

Language: English

* I want to let you know, know just what I feel.
I'm not gonna stop, I can't ever go back
I want you to hold me, want you to catch me
And never let me go...

The lights of the city shine on the trembling
thoughts I possess.
Even amid the crowds, I [clearly] feel your gentleness.
Before the tracks of the tears [on my face]
Have a chance to [dry and] disappear,
Just once again, I want to be sure
Of the time that I spent with you[, dear.]

Repeat *
Repeat *

[Now] I want to see you, ['cause] I'm lonely,
So [I can be sure] that your warmth won't depart.
I want to feel it [now, want] it so badly
That it's breaking my heart.