For Your Winds Shall Blow

Language: English

You've always been shedding unseen tears Just by looking at your eyes I know
That unexpressed pain in your heart I wish to ease inside me

Time's been passing surrounded by a rush of sighs
You've been waiting at home yonder for I will go there

What you hold for real others have for sure
So what is it Show me your heart as it is

* Do not hesitate when you believe in yourself
for surely your winds shall come
Self-love is also a precious talent Even tomorrow's weather is up to the present you

You pretend you're having fun but that unexpressive smile is empty
Hating to put your thoughts into words isn't quite a good thing

Even if you hide your eyes Even if your ears grow cold you'll come to hear
No one's got the right to take away what makes you who you are

** There's no need to fear what shall come by for surely your winds shall come
Searching the truth whose whereabouts are unknown let's trace your dreams with a warm kiss

*** Don't lose heart Hold on to freedom for surely your wings shall come
If you bear sorrow deeper than love just flee to the skies yonder

* repeat
** repeat
*** repeat