The Dream Will Not End

Language: English

Opening Song

The moon's in the noon sky,
Your gaze sweeps me off my feet.
I'll forever wait for this time,
My tears will stop at dawn.

The sunlight loosens my eyelids
The memory of tomorrow is distant
It's time to get up and out of bed.

* Find your dream you've broken it
Time to become aware of the power that
Find your dream where would it be?
The thoughts are audible, Kiss Kiss Kiss

The dream you saw
Would be reality if not for the future
Love spills off my palm,
The sky has no fear at dawn.

The wind will protect me.
You stare at my back and
You say we will never meet again

Find your dream, but when?
Your eyes show pain, I can't shut out your request
Find your dream, the time is coming
Time is running out, Kiss Kiss Kiss
* repeat