Eternal Blue - Thoughts of Eternity

Language: English

When I was alone, I did not notice
the piercing blue sky.
When I was alone, I did not hear
the sound of the wind that chilled my heart.

The person who taught me this is not just anyone;
he is always close by, encouraging me.

As I felt your heartbeat, my mind envisioned
exchanged smiles, outstretched hands, bewilderment -
the two of us, bound together.

When I was alone, I did not understand
the true meaning of loneliness.
When I was alone, I could not look for
a reason to wait for the break of dawn.

When I am drenched in the overflowing sunlight,
two hands draw me close and hold me as tightly as possible.

You and I, showing the wear of our burdens;
you and I, illuminating each other's paths,
shoulder to shoulder, together.

You and I are far, far apart, but
you and I can surely someday be reunited -
strongly drawn together.