Never Ending Dream

Language: English

Inside your pain and sorrow never ending dream
Still lives close to your wounded heart
Don't fall apart let me hold you in my arms

Drifting through the winds of time
Feeling warmth of sweet memories
You'll realize you're not all alone always
I'll be right here by your side

Don't be afraid, open the door to your hear you'll find
All the dreams that you believe it's waiting for you
Shining bright together we'll make it true

Feeling your love, tehre's nothing to fear when you are near
Through every season love grows you're part of my life
Live with you this precious moment forever

I'm thinking of you always feeling you inside
I hear only your gentle voice
Your words of love when I close my eyes
My heart can still feel your warm embrace

I'm not afraid, every piece of my broken heart
Shining bright, showing the way, I can see a new day
And with you, gonna find my tomorrows dream

Feeling your love, bringing so much joy into my life
Through every season love grows you make me feel alive
Share with you this precious moment forever