Stairs of Light

Language: English

In the middle of my mind a parade crosses
Footsteps ring, and you come
A melody I remembered in this empty plaza
the scarlet light blinds me from it.

The fast-paced dreams quickly slips away,
flying up into the air like confetti.

More than the sorrow of parting, the thrill of our first meeting
is what remains treasured in my heart.

The footprints you left behind, forced into motion
Continuing until they reach the morning mist
The unknown road, in someone's dream
you were there to bring the light to me.

More than the sorrow of parting, the joys of our first meeting
turn towards the light, and add up one by one.

The stair to the sky spirals every upward,
piercing the red clouds, it becomes a rainbow.

Where ever you are, no matter how far you go
Listen carefully, and you will hear my song.