Spring Lullaby

Language: English

Lightly passing over the hill,
glittering winds of spring.
Cradling your knees, you sleep.
Seeking to end my slumber.

Still sleepy, small fruit of the meadow weed
under the fallen snow
In this wide world you are forced to carry,
you were waiting.

As the snow melts,
the sky once more returns.
Rousing a long memory,
I listen for the future.

Basking in the sunshine,
brilliant sprout of the meadow weed
grasping for the stars.
I can carry this broken world for you.

Oh, right now...
inside of you...
The tears of the world...
you want to turn away...

Into eternity, emerald leaves of the meadow weed
shaking in the wind.
Tending your wounds, I will wrap you in my love;
and sing a Lullaby.