The Heart's Treasure Chest

Language: English

Don't forget it--the days you played with me,
We followed the long roads on to forever,
And when, tired from running, we fell,
You always encouraged me.
I want to keep running together forever,
And forget about hunger, forget about going home,
If we all could keep playing forevermore,
I'd want to return to that day I believed in.

Do you remember the day we met?
You were alone and looking bored,
When I called out to you, looking down,
You shyly showed me your smiling face.
We ran out together and made our hearts burst,
I dream that something's beginning from now on,
If we could all keep playing forevermore,
We'll go back again to that day we've thought about,
That's right: wind, blue skies, friends,
With everyone's smiles just the same,
I put them into my heart's treasure chest.

Even now I keep running alone,
Unable to forget the dreams of those days,
If we should meet somewhere, show me that same smile,
And let's run again to the tomorrow we believed in.