My Home, Sweet Home

Language: English, Saami

So far away from my home, sweet home
Day by day, from land to land I roam
Though told by the wind which way to go
Oh, how I long for my home, sweet home

Boaðe ruoktot alot go dan dovtat tuski
Boaðe ruoktot alot go dan dovtat vaivui
Du ruoktu vuordà du alot
Du ruoktu vuordà du alot

Fragrant blossoms blooming far away
Do my folks see them as I did long ago?
Are they still joyful? Are they young at heart?
Will I see them again as I did that day?

Bearaš, ushbat
Ruoktu, muitut
Dat ca goassige
Vajaldahtc du

How far I've come from my childhood home!
There will come a time when my troubles are gone
And when I shall not be all alone
Till then, I dream of my home, sweet home

Meahcci, càcit
Albmi, eana
Dat buot vurdet du
Dat buot vurdet du